Download 2011 Scholarship Application

Each year the E.C.C.A. awards up to five scholarships to graduates from the Fayette County High Schools. Award amounts are determined by the Board of Directors and are based on available funds raised through our fund raising events as well as donations from individuals and corporations.

From the inception of our scholarship program through the 2007 graduating class, the E.C.C.A. has awarded $75,000 in scholarships to 52 graduates pursuing a degree in the Fine Arts.

Award Recipients for 2010 – 2011

  • Ashley V. Berry, Starr's Mill High School — attending Samford University
  • Stephanie Earle, Sandy Creek High School (Stephanie is the recipient of the E.C.C.A.'s Andre DeLorenzo scholarship) — attending Columbus State University, Columbus, GA.
  • Brianna Gilliam, Sandy Creek High School — attending Columbus State University,
    Columbus, GA.

Each student will receive a $1,000 scholarship for the school year 2010 through 2011 (Providing all requirements continue to be filled).

This year's awards will bring the total value of scholarships awarded during the past 25 years to over $78,000. The E.C.C.A Scholarship Program is funded through membership dues, cultural and social events hosted by the E.C.C.A and it's corporate sponsors. The Andre DeLorenzo Scholarship is in memory of our beloved Board Member, friend and supporter of the Arts who left us in April of 2010. His family has requested donations made in his name at the Bank of North Georgia, 100 Burch Rd., Fayetteville, GA. 30214. Tax deductible donations are still coming in, so a list is not available of all the donors at this time. Many thanks to all who have donated in memory of Andre. We know Andre would be very proud and humble to receive this prestigious recognition. Thank you to Nancy and the DeLorenzo family for allowing the E.C.C.A this honor.

Award Recipients for 2008

  • Melanie Bobbitt, Whitewater High School
  • Grace Hendley, Fayette County High School
  • Samantha Dean, Fayette County High School
  • Elizabeth Kleimeyer, McIntosh High School

Award Recipients for 2007

  • Bridget Knapik, Starr's Mill High School
  • Evan Barron, Whitewater High School
  • Heather Price, Whitewater High School
  • Jessica Martin, Whitewater High School
  • Ellen Sturgill, McIntosh High School
  • Courtney Pilgrim, Fayette County High School
  • Meghan Morales, McIntosh High School

Award Recipients for 2006

  • Joy Delay, Fayette County High School
  • Alyssa Carpenter, Fayette County High School
  • Andrew Dolder, Fayette County High School
  • Nathaniel Lee, Starr's Mill High School

Award Recipients for 2005

  • Katie Michelle Houghtaling, Starr's Mill High School
  • Hayley Hughes, Fayette County High School
  • Amanda Kulaga, Starr's Mill High School
  • Laura Jane Miller, Starr's Mill High School
  • David Owens, Fayette County High School
  • Mark Owens, Fayette County High School
  • Ryan Turk, Starr's Mill High School
  • Linda Walther, Fayette County High School
  • Lauren Paige Wilde, McIntosh High School

Award Recipients for 2004

  • Jordan Meredith Worrall, McIntosh High School
  • Michael Schneifer, Starr's Mill High School
  • Colette Hartman, Starr's Mill High School

Award Recipients for 2003

  • Jennifer Grace Bixby, Sandy Creek High School
  • Craig De Lorenzo, Starr's Mill High School
  • Jenny Reynolds, Home Schooled

Award Recipients include:

  • Norma LeAnn Gruschow, Starr's Mill High School - Class of 2000
  • Dane Davenport, Starr's Mill High School - Class of 2000
  • Ryan Alan Pierini, McIntosh High School